Hi, we are Kyansimre(ko-yu) and phy. We dabble in life's deepest intimacies; photography, music, writing and LOVE. We love Africa. Come walk with us.
  • WE ARE…

    When the sun descends, when the angels put down their harps and the devil reveals himself, when that light glimmers against the car window..i think of you..

  • Hey, i have a jacket for you, it’s not expensive, not nearly expensive. It has a couple of buttons missing,a littleworn out at the elbows. It’s yours if you want it. I mean i want you to have it.  I’ve had it all my life. I want you to have it. That’s all.

    LOcation: Nairobi, Kenya

  • robertonyango:

    My Schnucki and I…. Photo by @stevekitots …#vscocam #vscogood #vscolove #vscostyle #igersnairobi #webstapick #worldwide_shot #allshots #canon #samsung #S3 #portrait #zoomintolife #samsungkzoom #Saturday #beardgang #beard #movember #makeportraits #africa #streetbw #streetphotography #graffiti #art #kenya #nairobi #seekenya #portrait #RobertOnyangoPhotography


    There is a BAD man outside my door

    his shadow looms behind the curtain,

    he is huge and has a menacing voice…he wants to come in my house

    he wants my money, he wants to shout at me

    he wants me to know he is angry, he wants to kill me..

     but i wont let him in.

    all the lights in my house are switched off , and all the curtains are drawn

    he’s evil eye cannot peer in.

    i am sitting behind the door„ quiet and still

    only God can hear me breathing.


    sometimes it is better to ride a bicycle than to hop on a bus,

    to graze your leg on the chain as you cycle, to close your eyes precariously, to eat the wind.

    to ring the bell so that others might see you. to hop off and walk with a friend to cycle on a feverishly steep hill,

    let your legs tire, hop off and push your bicycle,decide that it’s too heavy,cry at the thought of the holes in wheels,

    kick it and curse at it, when you  reach the top, ride downwards while laughing and wiping your face.

    LOCATION: Sotik, Rift Valley, Kenya